Looking After Your Wellbeing Through Covid-19

“Choose to be OPTIMISTIC. It FEELS Better” – the Dalai Lama

FIVE Self Compassion TIPS!

TIPS! will put you straight into that network of intelligence where your body becomes relaxed, your mind is relaxed, you’re doing things that physically tell your mind you’re super relaxed!
1. Rub your arms up and down about 20 times– this is immensely calming, it’s self-nurturing and produces relaxing brain waves!
2. Rubbing your hands together (by sliding your palms up and down in a vertical position) also relaxes stressed brainwaves. Then you can rest your hands over your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
3. Mind Yoga- cross your arms over so that your right hand goes to your left ear lobe and left hand to the right ear lobe and then gently massage both ear lobes at the same time while taking a few deep breaths.
4. Hand to heart position – Breathing in and out while imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart.
5. Pull your shoulders up towards your head & then right down along your body!

Change YOUR State ~ Change YOUR Mind!

 YOU Can Wire & Fire these ACTIONS Into YOUR Life Any Time!!

Cat ready for sleep
Enhance the Quality of Your Sleep – 30 mins – click to play

Enjoy listening to this this wonderfully relaxing audio session at bed-time.

From Aisling Killoran
Hypnotherapist and Energist, a member of the European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.

Let Aisling guide you to progressively relax your mind and body as you drift into a deep and peaceful night’s sleep. 30 minutes duration.

How YOU Start & End Your Day Will Dictate What Happens In The Middle!

Evening Routine
Pro Tips – Power down ONE hour for better sleep!
* 20 mins – Do your activity stuff for tomorrow
* 20 mins – Hygiene – Bathing, Teeth etc…
* 20 mins – Relaxing – reading, meditation, listening to soothing music.

Hot bath – raises body core temp, then relaxes & release Melatonin! When your body temp decreases, melatonin ( sleep hormone) is released!

Get your family on board with the POWER DOWN HOUR!

Morning Routine
• Good Routine enhances your sleep!
• Drink One litre of water

• Sunlight – 15 mins – resets your circadian rhythm
• Sunshine break – turns off melatonin
• Morning Levels of Cortisol & Adrenaline are too high for coffee to work! Best to wait 90 mins before you have your FIRST Cuppa!
• Morning Stretch
• Shower- turn the temp down every 20sec… brings you right into the present!!

Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning

Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning - Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin

Aisling and Ray are certified Hypnotherapists with a wealth of experience in helping clients to overcome the barriers that have stopped them from living the life they want. They see clients at the Accomplish Change Clinic in Dublin and also work with clients online.
Aisling and Ray's website is https://accomplishchange.ie.
Tel: Aisling - 087 135 2122. Ray - 087 677 8049